Sebastien Le Bris

Bonjour! I'm Seb, a French travel and landscape photographer, digital adventurer, and automotive program manager. Photography and traveling have always been my passions, and I discovered my love for capturing the beauty of the world when I was on an international study exchange program in China.

I am a self-taught photographer, and I have learned advanced camera techniques and post-processing workflows by watching YouTube videos from photographers like Serge Ramelli. I specialize in landscape photography and capturing dreamy and unique images with vibrant colors that reflect the best of our world's beauty.

As a mechanical engineer turned photographer, I am always looking to push my creativity and explore the world. Photography allows me to express myself and connect with people, cultures, and places in a way that's truly unique.

Currently, I'm a busy project manager in the automotive industry and have had the opportunity to work in various countries like China, Japan, France, and now, Thailand. My travels have given me a very open-minded outlook on life, which is reflected in my photography.

Join me on my journey as I continue to learn, grow and explore our beautiful planet through my lens.