Sebastien LE BRIS

Hi I am Seb ! I am a French self-taught travel and landscape amateur photographer and digital artist as well as an automotive program manager for a multinational company

I discovered photography when I went abroad far from Paris for an international study exchange program in China. Since then traveling and photography has been some of my passions

I learned step by step mainly watching YouTube video to use more advanced camera technics and post-processing workflows (Big thanks to Serge Ramelli and its videos that fueled my motivation and inspires me a lot). I mostly photography landscapes and enjoy wandering around in beautiful sceneries. I would say that my pictures are colorful, unique, and reflect some of the best time and location combinations conveying dreamy feelings and showing the beauty of our world.

I am mostly an introvert, very rational engineer photography makes me want to travel, open up, push my curiosity to discover our world and be creative. I am still continuing to learn and grow everyday on my photographic journey

From a mechanical engineering background, I am currently a busy French project manager in the automotive industry working on interior parts development with an international background. I had the chance to study abroad in Shanghai and then work in China, Japan, France and I am at the moment tackling a new challenge in Thailand. 3 years in China, 5 years in Japan gave me a lot of travel and photography opportunities and allow me to discover several different cultures that gave me a very open-minded vision on my life.

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